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Epoxy Engraved End Grain Cutting Board

Cutting Boards

I’ve been working on making some end grain cutting boards. Apparently end grain boards are more durable than lengthwise grain boards, but I haven’t ever used one for a period of time to find out if that is true or not. It is said that the end grain fibers tend to self heal from cutting as opposed to cutting up the lengthwise fibers.

This cutting board is massive, and feels good to hold. The first photo shows the text as it appears in real life, which is fairly dark. Some of the thinner parts of the text are a bit more transparent. 

The cutting board is made with Califorinia black oak. The tree fell down about five or six years ago, and I harvested some of the wood with some chainsaw hacking. This was long before I had a chainsaw milling attachment, so I ended up wasting a lot of wood to make it flat.

The Andrews are my wife’s sister’s family. This was a gift.

This is also posted on Corbin’s Treehouse: End Grain Cutting Board for the Andrews.


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