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Black Epoxy River Placemats

First Prototype Set – My Personal Set

Wood river placemats are one of my original creations that I made in late 2018. I haven’t seen these anywhere else, and I think I am the first person to do this type of design. Let me know if I’m wrong and you saw them somewhere else.

The placemats work really well and look gorgeous. They are finished with a really durable two part conversion varnish. Water and spills just wick off, and they can easily be cleaned with a damp rag.

At this point I have made three sets of four placemats. The first set is a prototype that I tested for several months before making some others. The next two sets were gifts to family and friends. Eventually I will offer a set for sale on my site.

These are made with California black oak. Some are spalted, and others are just regular live edge pieces.

Feel free to copy this idea! I posted materials and a how-to video on my blog: Making Epoxy River Placemats

Second Set

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