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Live Edge Oak Coffee Table


This one of a kind  table is made out of solid oak. The tree that fell down from natural causes not too far from my house in the Santa Cruz mountains and I milled the wood with an Alaskan chainsaw mill.

The wood is spalted in some areas; meaning it has some unique coloration caused by fungus. You can see on the right side of the legs that they are slightly lighter in color from the splitting. This adds some interesting character to the piece, and makes it very unique. The top of the piece has a few small natural cracks from the wood drying; I intentionally left them as-is to give the wood a more natural feel. I wanted it to have an organic feeling to it.

The legs sit in a shallow groove, and are held in place with custom angle iron attachments that I milled out. They are glued in, but it is slotted wider to allow some grain movement with temperature and humidity swings.

The piece is finished with natural danish oil.

Currently available for sale: Live Edge Oak Coffee Table For Sale.

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