Digital File: CNC ATC Tool Rack / Automatic Tool Changer Rack


This is a free digital download for my Avid CNC ATC Tool Rack design. Also known as an Automatic Tool Changer Rack, or Tool Position Holder. It is designed to be made out of wood – ideally a hardwood, like maple or cherry, but I have been using one made out of pine for quite some time without any issues. The rack is designed in CAD using Fusion 360, but STL versions are also included in case you want to try to make it with some other software.

Video making this rack: How To Make an ATC Tool Rack

Included in the download:

  • Fusion 360 Files (to rack versions)
  • STL exports of the racks
  • Readme file.

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Please do not re-upload these files anywhere after downloading. Thank you!