Digital File: Bear Art Carving


This is a free download of a growling bear that you can v-carve out on your own CNC machine!

File Format: Vectric VCarve 11.5. Desktop version is fine for this size piece.

Speed and feeds are set appropriately for most wood router/spindle CNC machines (18000 RPM).

You will need a 15 degree V-bit, such as: Amana #45611-K

And a 1/8″ clearance bit, such as: Amana 1/8″ bit

Workpiece origin is set to the center of the piece, at the top of the stock.

This image is not my design! It was made by dgim-studio / Freepik – and attribution is given to them for the origin design. I heavily modified the vector in Illustrator to be able to CNC machine it.

Original design link: