Digital File: Hexagonal Salad Bowl with Epoxy Drips – STL, CAD File, and Directions


This is a digital download containing the files and directions on how to make a hexagonal bowl on a CNC machine (aka: CNC router). A Fusion 360 CAD file is included along with all my toolpaths and CAM for machining the bowl. Three STL files are also included in case you don’t use Fusion 360, but you will have to generate your own toolpaths.

Before purchasing, please watch the build video for the overall process:


  • Basic Fusion 360 knowledge is helpful, but I’ll cover the basics on how to export Gcode.
  • Running simulations with your actual bits is highly recommended to see if you have a collision. You’ll need to set your bit heights correctly in Fusion to see if you’ll have an issue.
  • The bowl stock is 5″ tall! You will need at least 6″ of z-axis movement to machine this bowl, and bit clearance is tight.
  • You need at least 2′ of movement on the x and y axis.
  • This is an advanced CNC woodworking project. Create it at your own risk; there is no warranty on the toolpaths being correct.
  • You will need to set the appropriate feeds and speeds for your CNC machine.
  • Basic woodworking will not be covered (ie: preparing the stock and gluing it up).

Fusion 360 Download (free for personal use):

Included in the download:

  • PDF: Hexagonal Salad Bowl with Epoxy Drips DIRECTIONS.pdf
  • Fusion 360 CAD File: Hexagonal Bowl v8.f3d
  • STL files: Bowl.stl, Drip Stock.stl, Jig.stl

Photos are from the project I made.