Digital File: Hex Trivet / Wood Hot Pad – CNC Woodworking Project


This is a digital download to make a hex trivet  (hot pad) on your CNC machine. This is an easy first project to attempt on the CNC machine. You are welcome to make as many as you want and sell them.  The project requires two bits: 1/8″ downcut bit (any length), and a 1/4″ or 3/8″ downcut bit with a minimum cutting length of 3/4″ (or whatever height your wood stock is). The stock size is 7.5” wide (X), 6.5” height (Y), 3/4” depth, but can easily be varied or scaled.

Watch the build video: Hex Trivet CNC Router Project

Included in the download:

  • Basic PDF with directions.
  • Two Vectric VCarve files setup with all my feeds and speeds that I used.
    • One is for a single trivet, and another is setup to tile two on the y-axis (you could tile more)
  • Vector files, in case you don’t use VCarve:
    • hex   — Adobe Illustrator
    • hex trivet.dxf — Autocad
    • hex trivet.svg — SVG file  / Scalable Vector Graphic

The photos show an example of the one I have made out of cherry wood.