Butterfly Bowl – Cherry with Lava Shimmer Epoxy


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One of my most unique designs – the Butterfly Bowl! I make these out of a cherry wood blank that I machine “drips” into and fill up with epoxy. I picked “Lava Shimmer” for this particular bowl. The epoxy looks mostly light orange, with some slightly pinkish tones, and complements the cherry wood really well. The epoxy is semi-translucent, and you can see through it at just the right angles. This bowl was made in my backyard workshop in Truckee, California. It took approximately 14 hours of machining time, and 4-5 hours of handwork; the entire process takes about a week from start to finish, as I wait for certain operations (machining, glue drying, epoxy curing, finish curing).

This bowl is finished with “Osmo Top Oil” – a food safe hard wax oil that is very durable.

Dimensions: about 9 1/4″ wide, 8 1/4″ deep and 2 1/4″ tall – measured from the widest parts. It is bigger than a normal cereal bowl, but not quite as large as a salad bowl.

I can do custom requests for butterfly bowls; please contact me regarding it.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in