Digital File: Low Profile CNC Toe Clamp for T-Track Hold Downs with Nut Tightener Handle – 3D Print from PLA


This is a digital download for very low profile CNC toe clamp designed for a t-track hold down system, that you can print at home out of PLA. Included are complete set of directions on how to print them to get a strong toe clamp that doesn’t break. The models are STL files for 3D printing. Also included are PrusaSlicer files pre-filled in with all the settings I use to print my own clamps. Clamp heights of 3/4″, 1/2″, 1″, 1.25″, and 1.5″ are included — these are the sizes that I use the most. They are 1″ wide and 2″ long, but this can be customized. The clamps are low profile; only 0.100″ tall and 0.200″ of overhang into the workpiece, and these settings are also customizable. Also included is the original Fusion 360 file I designed them in. It is a parametric file, meaning you can easily change parameters to print customized sizes of the clamps; making some parts larger, longer, thicker, etc. The directions include steps on how to customize the parameters and export the Mesh as an STL for 3D printing. Printing and using the nut-handles is purely optional; you can tighten the nuts with a wrench to get more clearance when needed, and/or just pop the printed nut handle off!

If you need another size exported, let me know! I can export any size for you, and I’ll add it to this collection.

The files are designed for “imperial / standard” t-tracks that support 1/4-20 hex bolt heads. You will have to source your own hardware to complete these: 1″ 1/4-20 hex bolts (1-1/4″ long will also work), 1/4″ washer and 1/4-20 nut.

I’ve done massive cuts with my Avid 4×8 CNC without my workpiece moving, or any hold downs failing. I’ve been testing these a while before releasing the files and they work great!

You could also use this design without the nut handles and screw them into t-nuts embedded in a work table.

For customization, some knowledge of Fusion 360 will be useful. Fusion 360 is a CAD and CAM program available for macOS and Windows as a free download, and most users can get a free hobby license depending on how they use the software. Customized heights are only supported down to about 3/8″; lower than that will require some re-design.

Files included in the download (a zip):

* Toe Clamp *.f3d [ the latest version will be included ]
* CNC Toe Clamp Directions.pdf
* Hold Down Toe Clamp 0.5.stl
* Hold Down Toe Clamp 0.75.stl
* Hold Down Toe Clamp
* Hold Down Toe Clamp 1.25.stl
* Hold Down Toe Clamp 1.5 tall.stl
* Nut Handle 0.5.stl
* Nut Handle 0.75.stl
* Nut Handle 1.0.stl
* Nut Handle 1.25.stl
* Nut Handle 1.5.stl
* Hold Down Toe Clamp 0.75.3mf
* Hold Down Toe Clamp 1.0.3mf
* Hold Down Toe Clamp 1.25 tall.3mf
* Hold Down Toe Clamp 1.5 tall.3mf
* Nut Handle All Sizes.3mf

The *.f3d file is the Fusion 360 file. The *.stl files are the exported models from the Fusion 360 design. The *.3mf files are the 3D printer settings for PrusaSlicer and other slicers.

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions after purchasing!

NOTE: If you bought a previous version, please email me and I’ll send you the latest version!

Corbin Dunn owns the copyright on these files. The copyright is not transferable upon sale. It is illegal to sell, share or distribute digital designs and plans purchased from here. You are welcome to sell the products you make from this design.