Digital File: 3D Printed Tool Station / Tool Fork Holder


This is a 3D printable “tool station” or “tool pocket” that can hold a tool fork for a CNC machine’s automatic tool changer (ATC). I discuss the prototype in this video:

While these will work, I opted to not use them due to concerns about strength. You are welcome to download the CAD file (Fusion 360) and experiment with this concept. Also included is an STL export of the mesh at 4″ tall.

Update: I’ve gotten feed back that these do work well when printed out of ABS; 40% infill, 6 walls.

The design is parametric. If you click on the “fx” button in the toolbar, or click on “Modify -> Change Parameters”, you will find various customizable parameters that will dynamically resize the model.

The model is designed for 1/4-20 nuts to be inserted in the holes in the back, with machine screws holding down the fork. The design is specific to CNC Depot’s Tool Forks that come with their ATC spindle packages.