Digital Files: CNC Side Clamps for 3D Printing


These are all the files to 3d print low profile side clamps for a CNC machine, with a cam action to make them tighter as you clamp them down. They allow you to surface the entire top of a workpiece. Included are the STL files for the main clamp stand, two different sizes of cams, and two sizes of handles. One cam height is optimized for 3/4″ material, and the other is optimized for 1″ (and larger) material. Both cams are designed to work with the same stand. Along with the STL files, a pre-setup slicer file will be provided in 3MF file format for Prusa Slicer, and other 3d slicing programs that support that format. Also included is the parametric design CAD file in Fusion 360, which allows some customization of the clamps via parameters. Be be warned: not everything is customizable in Fusion, and some parameter changes may break the design. I also include some directions on how to properly print the files, and general use.


  • PDF Directions: CNC Cam Clamps.pdf
  • 3MF (Slicer): Cam Clamp v1.3mf
  • STL: Main Clamp.stl
  • STL: Big Cam Plain.stl
  • STL: Big Cam w Spikes.stl
  • STL: Short Cam 0.75 height spikes.stl
  • STL: Short Handle.stl
  • STL: Tall Handle.stl
  • Fusion 360 CAD File: T-track Cam Clamp (zipped)
You will also need the following for each set:
  • 2 — 1/4-20 nuts
  • 2 — 1/4″ washers (optional)
  • 2 —  T-bolts or 1/4-20 bolts  — one in 1″ in length and another in 1.5″ or 2″ — it depends on your t-track depth.
The T-bolts I’m using from Amazon (affiliate links):
This cam clamp design is copy-write 2023 by Corbin Dunn. Please do not re-post or re-sell the digital files.
You are welcome to sell the 3d printed clamps, but please be sure to add a note stating: “Design by Corbin Dunn –