Digital File: CNC Dovetail Drawers Fusion 360 CAD / CAM


This is the CAD file I am currently using for CNC Dovetail Drawers. The file is parametric, allowing you to customize any of the parameters of the drawer: material thickness, bottom thickness, dovetail angle, dovetail count, etc. I documented the parameters in a PDF file that I’ll also include.

I have the CAM / Toolpaths setup that I used for one project in pine/fir — you will likely need to modify the speeds and feeds for other types of woods and CNC machines. I have an Avid 4×8 Pro, with NEMA 34 motors, and a 5 HP ATC spindle.

Files included:

  • CNC Dovetail Drawer v1.pdf – PDF directions / notes
  • Basic Drawer v45.f3d – Fusion 360 CAD File with Toolpaths/CAM

License: You are welcome to use this file for both commercial and personal projects. Please do not re-post the digital file anywhere else on the internet without my permission.