Spoon with Wood Inlay – CNC Plans – Vectric VCarve file, PDF directions, and STL Model


This is a digital download containing the files and complete step-by-step directions on how to make this wood spoon on a wood CNC router machine. This includes a detailed 12 page PDF with all the steps I go through to make the spoon, including the solid wood inlay. I list all the bits I use for each operation and go into a lot of detail. The Vectric VCarve file is included along with all my tool paths setup for how I do two-sided machining. The file was saved with Vectric VCarve 10.5; make sure you have version 10.5 or higher before purchasing this file. I include two Vectric VCarve files: one for the Spoon, which includes the rose inlay. And another for the rose inlay “plug” that fills the female inlay. I also am including the model as an STL file, in case you don’t use VCarve, however, the inlay is only setup in the VCarve files. You will need to modify the tools – specifically the speeds and feeds for the bits that match what your machine can do. You can then generate GCode and run them on your CNC machine. The VCarve file is setup for my CNC machine, with is a Tormach PCNC 1100, which has a maximum 5140 RPM. Most typical wood CNCs have a much higher RPM, so the tool settings should be modified to increase the speeds and feeds as appropriate. 

The photo for this item is an example of one of the spoons I made out of madrone wood with a walnut inlay. 

The spoon itself is a pretty easy project. Attempting the vcarve inlay is more advanced. V-carving can be tricky, and my settings are just recommendations on what works for me on my machine. You may have to experiment with settings to get the inlay to turn out well without any gaps. You can also choose to do the basic VCarve and fill it with epoxy, instead of wood. This is much easier to do.

Included in the zip file download:

 * Spoon Directions.pdf – Directions with color photos

 * Spoon_v2.crv – Vectric VCarve File

 * Spoon_v2_Plug.crv – Vectric VCarve File

 * Spoon_v2.stl – The model

The STL file is not needed unless you are not using Vectric VCarve.  Vectric Aspire may also be able to open and process this file, but I have not tested that myself. 

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions after purchasing!

Corbin Dunn owns the copyright on these files. The copyright is not transferable upon sale. It is illegal to sell, share or distribute digital designs and plans purchased from here. You are welcome to sell the products you make from this design.