Digital File: Wood Shelf Design – Fusion 360 CAD File


This is a basic wood shelf design, which I made specifically for my DIY aquaponics / hydroponics system and sized everything to fit around my stuff. The design was done in Fusion 360, and it is parametric, allowing easy customization for a lot of the parameters, such as wood thickness, width, height, etc.

The joinery was cut on a wood CNC machine, and the file has two CAM “Setups” containing the basic toolpaths I did for the dovetail cuts. This requires a vertical work table on your CNC machine to cut the minds, but the tails were cut on my horizontal table.  I designed the dovetail to be cut with a normal 1/4″ downcut bit; no dovetail bit required.

Build Video: CNC Dovetail Wood Shelf Design