Digital Files: Borneman Timber Frame Layout Guide for 3D Printing


These are the STL files for 3d printing your own Borneman timber frame layout guide / jig, along with the CAD file in Fusion 360.

There are two STL files: “Borneman Layout Guide – Timber Frame large.stl” — which is what I printed with only one tab on one side. This one is easy to print flat on a print bed. The other is “Borneman Layout Guide – Timber Frame v12.stl” which is the full model that has tabs on both sides and might be difficult to print with a common FFF printer — however a resin printer might do a great job. I know one person also had a third party print the full guide via a 3d printing service (about $80 or so) and they used dissolvable supports.  “Borneman Layout Guide – Timber Frame v12.f3d” is the Fusion 360 file.

Currently in the Fusion 360 file, I suppressed two “features” in the timeline; they are the opposite side of the lip; it is hard to print this feature, so I left it off. It would be awesome to print the whole thing at once, but I worry about the print failing or sagging on the bridges. Dissolvable supports might work great for this.

More details about this jig/guide can be found on my blog: Borneman Timber Frame Layout Guide

I used this jig to build my Timber Frame Woodshed.