Digital Files: Butterfly Bowl with Epoxy Drips – STL and CAD Files


This is a digital download for the files to make this butterfly bowl with epoxy drips. NO DIRECTIONS ARE PROVIDED! This is an advanced CNC woodworking and epoxy project; I recommend you attempt my heart bowl project before trying this project.

Included in the download:

  • Butterfly Bowl Larger ~8 x ~9 v106.f3d – The Fusion 360 CAD file, with my CAM/Toolpaths setup
  • butterfly bowl body.stl – The bowl model exported as an STL in inch format.
  • stock body w drip.stl – The drip “stock” model as an STL in inch format.

Videos on making this project:

Approximate size: 8.5″ x 9.5″ x 2.5″

Over the years, I’ve changed my techniques a little bit, so I’d probably do this project a little bit differently today. I recommend watching some of my more recent CNC woodworking videos on my YouTube channel.

This project requires bits that are 3″ in overall length, with about 2.5″ sticking below the holder. I highly recommend running simulations in Fusion 360 to ensure you don’t get any collisions.

NOTE: The feeds and speeds are likely out of date, and may be set for my old Tormach PCNC. You will need to update the feeds and speeds to appropriate values for your CNC machine and bits!

The photos shown are examples of some that I have made over the years.