Digital File: Abstract Cabinet Design with Voronoi Front (Blender & Fusion 360)


This is my abstract cabinet design that I made specifically for a space under my CNC table.

Video Build: Voronoi Cabinet on the CNC

The overall layout and design was first done in Fusion 360. I then created a voronoi texture pattern in Blender using Geometry Nodes. This allows a lot of customization of the shape by simply editing the parametric design node structure.  After I was satisfied with the design I exported it as an OBJ mesh and imported the file into Fusion 360 for the toolpath / CAM generation.

The cabinet front itself could be a beautiful wall art piece!

The drawers are just placeholders; the actual drawers were machined with this file: CNC Dovetail Drawers

Included in the download:

  • CNC Machine Cabinet v107.f3d – The Fusion 360 CAD file, along with my toolpaths for machining the texture pattern.
  • Geo Node cabinet front v1.blend – The Blender file I used to create the design.
  • Geo Node cabinet front.obj – The exported mesh file.

You you would prefer an STL for the drawer front pattern, let me know, and I’ll export it from the Blender file.

License: You are welcome to use this file for both commercial and personal projects. Please do not re-post the digital files anywhere else on the internet without my permission.

This design is © 2024 Corbin Dunn.